Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 years hence....

Yes, time has passed since I first owned a camera & started writing about it.
And certainly a lot of things have changed, a lot more evolved.

In terms of my possessions, my first salary went to a Canon Powershot SX200IS, since, to my extreme disappointment, the sensor of my best companion, the A460 had given up to the Scandinavian chill.
Almost within an year followed my first DSLR, the super popular Nikon D90 with a DX 18-105 4.5-5.6 kit lens, to which, a week ago I added a DX 35/1.8.
In terms of knowledge, it has certainly evolved, yet still without any aid of tutorials.

Since I was also talking about my friend, I must mention he too owns a DSLR now, a Canon 60D, a 50/1.4 & a 10-200mm lens, along with +1+2+4+10 macro filters (bragging 10$), a ND filter, and the rest, I have lost count of...

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